Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Credit cards the way of the dinosaur?
Click above for an article by Huffpost regarding Walmart and Target actually banding together to fight Visa.  Basically, it says that Visa and retailers have come to a settlement regarding the use of credit cards in stores. And, what I get is the biggest deal, retailers are allowed to charge more to those who use credit cards in their stores.  Now, I haven't done nearly enough research on it to be able to talk about it knowledgeably, but it seems on the surface a good  deal.  Right now, I'm paying approximately 3% extra on every single thing I purchase- whether or not I use credit cards.  If I pay cash, I'm giving Meijer, or Target or wherever, 3% profit.  So it's better for me to use my credit card.  If I'm paying for the service, I might as well use it.  HOWEVER, you can bet your rear end that if I got a discount every time I paid with cash, I'd be putting my plastic away, and paying with the Benjamins!  And, it would definitely cut down on my credit card debt!

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