Friday, November 30, 2012

Total Life Makeover....

I'm reading a book called Almost Amish, by Nancy Sleeth.  She talks a lot about simplifying your life, and living more like the Amish do.  This isn't the first book that I've read about simplifying your life, or even about the Amish in that regard.  But, maybe because of events recently, and family discussions we've had recently, it's hit me a lot harder than normal.  We've fallen away from Dave Ramsey.  Our bills are barely under control.  Murphy has moved into the spare bedroom.  And honestly?  Murphy needs to leave.  And this blog isn't just about money, and it's not about Dave Ramsey.

I want to live my life more like the Amish do.  Less facebook, more face to face.  Less clutter, more peace.  More family time, less TV.

This isn't going to be an easy change- I admit that.  Charlie will be on board with it, he already hates the TV. Luke, not so much, but he's only 7, so what we say goes.  :)  We'll start out easy- 1 evening a week, no tv.  Then 2, then we'll go from there.  I am already decluttering, but need to do more.  I'm trying to sell stuff, and that's working, it just needs to go faster!

If we start with one thing, one simple change, then the next change won't be so hard.  Or so huge.  It's just the first step.

And it begins with turning off the television 1 night a week.  Where it ends up?  Who knows- but that's the beauty of the journey.  I know where we'd LIKE it to end up, but God's really in control of that.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Honestly? I'm scared.

I normally try and stay away from political postings, or at the very least, broadcasting my political leanings.  Whether you agree with my views or not, it's definitely a way to make enemies.  Today, is really no exception, except to say I'm super scared this morning.  There were definitely some good victories yesterday in the elections, yay to Glenda Ritz becoming Indiana's Superintendent of Education, yay to Joe Donnelly defeating Richard Mourdock.  Unfortunately, there were some boo's as well- Rupert Murdock only getting 5% of the vote for Indiana's governorship, Mike Pence winning the governorship, Ryan Guillory losing his race.  Notice I said nothing about the president's race.  I am scared since Obama won, but I would also have been scared had Romney won.  Neither one was a good fit for me and my beliefs.  And now the hard work begins again.
Charlie and I were talking last night while laying in bed before sleep- I remember listening to the radio when Clinton got elected- and I wasn't this nervous.  Gore "won" yet he didn't, and I wasn't this nervous.  And therein lies the rub: where do we go from here?
I am still an American, and I am still proud.
 I begin at home.  I teach Luke to be a good citizen.  I teach him to be a good Catholic.  I teach myself (and our family) to be more self sufficient.  I learn more about government, and get involved somehow in the process.  I work hard, and don't let others take advantage of me, but at the same time, remain compassionate for those less fortunate.  I give to those who need it.  I pray for others.  And somehow, we'll ALL get through the next four years, no matter who we voted for.  And it will all be fine.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I can't even imagine.....

I was going to write a post about food, or Pinterest, or something else, but then decided to write about death. But not in a morbid way.
Two friends of mine lost someone very dear to them recently. A former co- worker lost his daughter last weekend, and another friend of mine lost her son to brain cancer. So I've been thinking a lot about seizing the day.
I admit that death is a very natural part of life, I'm a biologist, I accept that, and it doesn't bother me.  However, when children or young adults are yanked away, it really bothers me.  I think because I don't feel they lived their entire life.  But, they did, because God decided what is best for them.