Thursday, March 13, 2014

Banks and dresser drawers.

When I was a little girl, I used to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house a lot.  Like every weekend a lot.  It wasn't that I wasn't close to my parents or that we didn't get along, because we did, I just had a super strong bond with my grandma.  I remember one weekend I was there, I was looking through her books on a shelf in the front hallway, and I flipped through, and came upon a $20.  Flipped another couple pages, another $20.  I didn't say anything to her, didn't want her to think I was snooping, because I wasn't, I wanted to see what the book was about, because I had forgotten my library books at home- and I wanted to read something.  But Grandma and Grandpa were born in 1910 and 1915.  They were old enough to remember The Depression.  Which knowing that they were teenagers at the beginning of the Depression, it made perfect sense to me that she didn't trust banks.  Neither did Grandpa.  And now, neither do I. 

I honestly don't mean it to sound all DUH DUH DUH.... But, a lot of what I'm seeing, and reading, makes me want to pull every single bit of money out of our accounts, and hide it in the mattress.  (Or the sock drawer, under my .44).  Which is exactly what my grandparents did during the Depression. 

The latest indignity was this afternoon at one of the local Chase branches.  I've never been a huge fan of Chase (they're slightly better than Bank of America, but that's really not saying much.) For those that don't know, Chase is complying with a Federal recommendation to require cash deposits to only be made by the person (or people) who are named on the account.  When I asked why they all of a sudden required ID, I was told, Chomp Chomp Chomp Federal REGULATION Chomp Chomp Chomp.  So I *might* have told her that she looked like a cow chewing her cud because of her lack of ability to chew gum.  Cry baby told her manager, and when I called to complain about her wording and lies, she basically yelled at me for calling her teller a cow.  Um, sorry, didn't say she WAS a cow, said she looked like one.  Huge difference.  Hmm... surprise surprise, she lied to me, and misheard what I said.  As soon as I called them on the whole regulation vs. recommendation, her tone changed.  Not surprisingly, they've been getting a lot of pushback from customers.  Also not surprisingly, I'm one of the few that's calling them on their word choices. Also?  She was getting ready to call me to yell at me for 'hurting her teller's feelings'  Sorry- does it look like I care?  Yes? Damnit, must work on my 'not give a rat's patootie' face. 

So now the fun starts of finding a new bank.  I'm completely over Chase- they're too big now, and don't care about the little people.