Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Year the Snow Wouldn't Stop

Or, the year that our children attended school until July, when we should have been out in May.  Here in Central Indiana, we've been hammered with snow and cold.  Last week it was 13 inches, and the polar air cap, resulting in a 3 week Christmas break.  This week, we had one make up day, and yet another 3 inches, and another snow day today, resulting in the last flex day being used.  Truly, the next time we get called for snow, we're going into June.  The snow has to end eventually, right??  At this point, I'm going crazy.  I hate snow- with a passion.  I'm not one of those people that can just sit at home and watch the snow fall.  Ick.  If I have to go out in it, I hate wet pants, I hate wet shoes, etc.  Give me sunny and 75 (thanks, Jake Owen!). 
I have, however, started planning the garden, and Charlie has promised a cold frame at work here soon.  So yay for that!
I *have* been using my time with Luke home wisely though.  I've got him helping pick up the house, and put stuff away.  All I have to do is promise him time to watch his television shows for an hour.  :)  Other than that, he's all about helping pick up and throw away.  I know Charlie has been irritated at how messy the house is, and it is my fault, but I'm trying to get stuff listed on Ebay.  See, I sell used clothes on eBay for extra money.  He likes it, he's cool with it, he just hates the mess I create sometimes with it.