Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I think I'm gonna puke.

Seriously. Money (or lack of) is upsetting me so much. 
We've been discussing money in my moms' group lately, and it seems like we all have the same crappy issues in regards to money. Most of us are stay at home moms, hence how the group was formed, but there's still the huge range- $150,000 a year vs under $28,000 a year. I'm just so tired of struggling and never having enough money. Necessities are barely covered some weeks. 

Today, I started a journal for my phone. In the quest to keep lowering our bills, I've decided to write down what I do to earn money on my phone every day. Viggle, ibotta, swag bucks, shop kick, jingit. Whatever it takes to earn enough to make having a smart phone worthwhile. Because I will downgrade if its not worth it. That's a huge expense, which sucks. I wish wish wish that we could all go back to no cells and just a home phone. But apparently that's never going to happen. 

I'm going to give the journal a month, see  how close I come to $40. If its close, I'll bump it up somehow, but if it's not even close, forget it, I'll drop my iPhone in a heartbeat!