Sunday, September 22, 2013

And yet again....

It's been over a month since my last post. I haven't forgotten you, I promise. I've just had way too much stuff going on in my life. So in the interest of space and time, this is a synopsis of what happened- summer ended, school started, my brother almost lost his life, still not out of the woods, and now we are at today. 
  Charlie is turning 40 this week. We decided to have a camping trip for him- invite a bunch of friends, and we could just chill, and catch up. Well, it ended up being one of his friends from college, one of her friends, and Charlie, Luke, myself, and Busia. Which I think is kind of crappy, that people that expect him to do stuff for them don't even show up to help celebrate. That's just shady. :/ But we had a fantastic time, and so did Charlie, so it was worth it. Even if his brothers didn't show up, or his friends. 
  Camping this weekend showed me a few things- somewhat in relation to being prepared- but more so just for camping. I really miss it, but we really need to replace a lot of our gear. :(. Our camp chairs are absolute crap, we don't have nearly enough lamps, etc, etc. This means that apparently I need to start saving my pennies for camping gear that I want. :) I know Charlie will use the camp chairs until he's sitting on the ground. And we have an air mattress, we just have no clue if it has a leak in it. So I have to purchase a pump. It's just stupid stuff I have to do. And believe me, I could have used an air mattress this weekend. It was rainy, and muddy, and I fell. :( so of course I wrenched my back, and hurt my knee. Yes, I know, first world problems.