Monday, January 30, 2012


I belong to a group on Facebook involving local moms.  Well, one of the moms got her feelings hurt, and decided to leave the group.  Her choice, correct?  So after she left, one of the 'mods' decided to call her out about her choice to leave.   A whole bunch of moms called the mod out on her childish behavior, and the mod took her toys and went home.  I just don't understand.  We are all adults, put your big girl panties on and deal with it.  Not everyone is going to like you, deal and move on.  And please don't act like you're perfect. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday (yesterday!) Princess Catherine!

I finished reading a book the other day called William and Kate, a Love Story, and it was awesome.  I always just kind of followed them, but read the book, and completely fell in love with them.  They are just so dang cute! 
Yesterday was Princess Catherine's 30th Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Frugal Girl?

I've always planned out my New Year's Resolutions religiously, planning, knocking ones off that were too difficult, or too easy, trying to get the perfect mix of things that I could succeed with, with others that I had to strive a little bit for. It makes sense, right?  Kind of like Lent- we were always told not to choose something that was super easy, because then it's not good enough. 
So this year, I've decided not to necessarily make 'resolutions', but to list what I want to continue doing, that I started last year, 2011, and felt that they were good things to continue.  So in no particular order, here they are:
1. Continue losing weight.  I am down over 30 lbs, and definitely want to continue dropping the lbs.  I am signed up for the Mini in May, so I need to start getting in shape for that.  My goal is not to get picked up by the van at the Mini, so it's a Win Win for me here.
2. Continue knocking out debt.  I'm finally getting some decent hours at work, and I'm getting a decent paycheck every few weeks.  My goal is to get 2-3 debts knocked out by June, and then we'll go from there in terms of what else needs to be paid off.
3. Become more self sufficient.  I want to learn how to do more things that our grandparents used to do.  I want to have a decent garden this year, so that I can preserve more food. 
I know there are more, but this is good enough for right now.  As these 'complete' I will add more to the list. 
Happy New Year everyone!