Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's not supposed to melt!

Well, sweetheart, what else is it supposed to do?  :)  We had Luke's birthday party yesterday, and I bought a huge bag of ice, stuck it in a cooler for the party, and there's still a large chunk of ice sitting in it's bag.  And, of course there are holes in the bag, so it's melting out of the bag into the cooler.  Hence, what he said above.
Overall, the party was awesome.  Simple, barbeque with just his godmother and family, and a good friend of mine and Charlie's attended.  My parents are being immature, and avoiding seeing their only grandson because of Charlie (long story, they don't like him, and they refuse to talk to him anymore. Whatever, you're just hurting yourself.)  We ended up spending lots of time just talking, and hanging out.  It was so relaxing, and fun.  We don't get to see them often enough.  We've even starting talking about camping trips as a group again!  Which we haven't done since before Charlie and I got married.  So over 10 years ago.
So while Charlie is in church, I am at home with Luke, packing.  Because, oh yeah, Charlie's grandfather died last week, and the wake/service is today/tomorrow.  Fun.  It was super unexpected, he fell, and literally a few hours later died. And, now we're worried about his grandmother.  They were married 70+ years, and well, when you've lived that long with someone, you don't know what to do with yourself.

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