Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Yes, it is a good Monday.  I had my Weight Watchers weigh in today, and I am down a pound and a half!  Whoo!!  And that's awesome because, well, I'm down, but, we visited friends on Saturday and , I kind of ate 4 meals that day.  Yeah.  So still being down after that 'binge' is a huge accomplishment.  It's funny though, when I look at that binge- I had a piece of pizza at Deb & Joe's house, and then Subway for supper on the way back,  that's actually not a lot of food.  Comparatively speaking at least.  Pre-Weight Watchers, I would have had several pieces of pizza in addition to the Subway.  So really, that's a success.  :)

We picked up our blueberries on Friday as well- 10 lbs of fresh picked from Michigan.  And we picked some wild blackberries this morning with more to come tomorrow morning.  We've also got some frozen strawberries, so I'm going to be making some mixed berry jam tomorrow and tonight.  I meant to pick up pectin today, and some more lids, but totally forgot.  :(  Oh well, my bad.  ;)  It's all in anticipation of our garden starting to give us more food.  We've already got the green beans producing, but, I've got my eye on the 5 tomato plants that are laden with green tomatoes.  They're all heirloom varietals, so I'm dying to try some, but want to wait until the're ripe!

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