Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Already?  Ok, ok, it's already almost December, but STILL!  I hate snow!  It snowed 2x when we lived in Charlotte, it was barely snow- it was more like wet fat flakes, and I didn't like it then either!  And since I work early mornings, I always dread snow at night/early morning.  Since no one is driving at that time it makes it really super slick.  Although, I'd rather be the only one on the road, that way I don't have to worry about other idiots on the road. 

I'm finally finished with my overnights for work.  They kicked my butt, especially since my 'manager' decided to call in sick 2 days in a row.  Which, fine, whatever, even though he misses a lot of work, but he totally screwed us all over by doing so.  His manager ended up working 16+ hours, (which is why he gets paid the big bucks!), and then what should have been only a 5 hour shift for stocking turned into an almost 8 hour overnight shift.  UGH!  It's money, and I'm fine with it, it was just the entire idea of we've been working our butts off, and then people don't care, and will just call in since they don't feel like working!

But, in other awesome news- I sold an afghan on Etsy!  I've had them listed for a few days, and I'm just glad it sold!  Now, I still have more on there, but at least 1 is gone!!

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