Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I've learned in my 30 something years....

*Never never shake a baby.  Duh, but that stupid commercial gets stuck in my head every freaking time I hear it.

*Mom and Dad are always right.  Never doubt it- they've lived longer.

* Never ever work for someone else's family business.  Unless it's run like an actual business, not one of those where mom and daughter get into a fight during service hours, and daughter runs to the office to cry for 2 hours.  Yeah, I had the second one. 

* As much as you think differently when you're first married, eventually, you do realize you married his entire family as well.  Sometimes that's good.  Sometimes it's not. I'm not telling on that one.

* You can never have enough plastic bins or bookcases.

*Facebook is NEVER the place to tell bad news or good news.  Your wife is pregnant?  Call the family, don't let them find out via a status update.  Mom died?  Phone call, thanks!

*Same thing goes for texts.  Actually call the people and TELL them.

* You can never over use the words 'I love you'.  Tell those you love often. 

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