Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Random Monday thoughts...

Yes, I know it's usually Fragment Friday, but I was pretty tired on Friday, so I neglected it....

* I hate 90 degree weather.  I am so ready for fall, or at least cooler weather, so I can buy cool  new jeans that actually fit me.  

* I wish I wasn't so blasted tired all. the. time.

* The Colts game was awesome- even though they lost. :)

* My dream house is on the market again, and it's a $10,000 price drop as well.  Makes me wonder what's wrong with it, and how much money it would cost to renovate it.  That leads me to my next question- can we do it? And get a loan?  This house is awesome.

*My little boy finally got on the bus today without his daddy.  He's been having to take him to school while I'm at work.

* Concert this weekend.  And, I have a day off tomorrow.  Whoot!!

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