Friday, August 19, 2011

Football is back!!

So this morning, my husband called as I was doing my running, and told me that he was given 3 Colts preseason tickets for tonight's game!  Now, I bleed Blue, I've been a huge Colts fan since 1994 when I came to Butler as a freshman.  So I'm crazy excited about going, and cannot wait to see it tonight.  I know that it's just a preseason game, and no starter is probably going to play, but that's fine, I'm just thrilled about going!

It's also pretty cool, because it's the first home game of the season, and this season is important, because the Super Bowl will be held in Indianapolis this year.  My husband and I are volunteering at the game, and there is a kick off meeting being held in a few weeks, where we can start signing up for shifts.  Super excited about that, I can't wait to find out what we are able to do.  It's going to be an awesome experience- how many 7 year olds can say they had the Super Bowl in their town, and they got to participate in all the activities beforehand, and their parents volunteered? Yeah, that's cool.  

I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow of everything! 

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