Friday, October 18, 2013

Be Nice

This is my plea for today. Be nice. To each other, and to yourself. 

This was hammered home to me yet again today. There was a deal at Family Dollar that resulted in free laundry detergent. Great, right?  Wrong, sadly. It resulted in women (and men) yelling at cashiers and managers because the employees were unsure of their own coupon policy. While there is no excuse for lack of knowledge on the employees part, there is absolutely no reason for the customers to get all up in arms and yell and curse the employees out. A simple please check your coupon policy would suffice- and if the employees were still unsure, a quick call to corporate or showing the coupon policy would also be acceptable. Screaming and yelling at the employee who is simply doing their job (and not getting paid well for it) is simply not acceptable. If they were treated how they treated the Family Dollar employees, I daresay they'd be complaining to high heaven. 

I've actually been teaching this this past week in religious education. Love God with all your heart, and love each other. 

Love each other. Be NICE to each other. Don't scream and bitch at that employee who is just doing her job. Say thank you. It's not that hard. I promise. And just maybe, your day will be better, because you were nice. 

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