Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do a little frog giggin', skinny dippin'...

We went to Fort Wayne this weekend to see Brantley Gilbert and Eric Church, in Eric's Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour.  Can I just say they both ROCKED?!  Oh my word, they were totally worth it.  Brantley did 5 songs, and then Eric came out and just killed it.  We completely enjoyed ourselves, and totally didn't want to come back down here to start the workweek again.
I went over to the house today, to begin painting.  I don't know who planned a burgundy dining room, but they are dumb!  I've got one coat done of a light blue, and sometime this week I have to go back and do the second coat.  If not this week (Friday) definitely Monday, since Charlie is off work, and Luke will be in school all day. 
Edit: I went up there today, and finished painting the dining room.  I just had to do a quick second coat- so nothing too awful bad.  I also did our bedroom, and the upstairs bathroom, just a cleaning.  I WANTED to paint at least the bathroom upstairs, but didn't have enough supplies with me to just do it.  That's fine with me, I'll go back up there Friday, replace covers on the dining room, and then paint probably the bathroom upstairs, and ceiling in our bedroom, along with MAYBE the living room, since I still have to purchase paint for the living room.  Dunno.  I have paint for the bathroom upstairs- a couple years ago Glidden was giving away free samples of paint, and I had one sent to me.  It's a quart, and the bathroom upstairs is the size of a closet.  Which will be perfect, since the bottom half of said closet is tiled as well, so it's literally probably 100 feet of paint, total.  And, it won't be nearly as bad to cover, since it's white/very light pink currently. 
And, of course I'm scanning pinterest like a fiend, trying to find ideas for all the rooms.  I want to be able to have a cute house, without spending a ton of money, since I'm cheap, and poor. 

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