Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Day!

And my in-laws are coming for dinner tonight.  They might be taking us out to dinner, but they might not be.  Really, all I know is they are coming from a state park near here, and eating with us at 6ish.  Yes, and Charlie complains when my mom and dad don't have set in stone plans.  Whatever.  ;) 
Either way, if they eat with us or not, I am roasting a chicken here soon.  I've got it on the menu for 3 meals- and of course, the roast has to come first, before bbq chicken pizza and chicken quesadillas.  I love cooking once and eating 3 times.  It's so much better than cooking something different every night.  And, it saves money, so definitely double score!  And the carcass will make stock probably tomorrow or Friday, to freeze and use later. 
And, I've finally told my parents that we're moving.  Mom took it decently well, considering we've kind of been preparing her for a few months now- you know, if we don't buy a house, we're definitely renting, since I hate living in an apartment.  So I finally told mom Monday night, and she was all excited- her biggest concern was Luke, and how he's going to react to changing schools mid year.  Well, he's not, like I told her, we're not telling the school that we're moving until the end of the year, and we're just driving him to/from school every day.  It'll stink big time, but it's only for 6-7 weeks, and could be so much worse.  And at least it seems like the winter is over (knock wood), and hopefully the traffic/drive won't be too bad.  Basically we're moving to a more rural community in our county.  Less than a mile from our house is farmland.  Which, OMG, LOVE!  The older I've gotten, the more obvious it's become that I am a country girl/farmer at heart. 

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