Sunday, February 5, 2012

A visit to a psychic and the Super Bowl

Yesterday, a group of us women decided to go to a psychic.  One of us had really good things to say about The Pyramid of Enlightenment, so we went there.  OMG, can I just say I had the best reading?  I had my Tarot cards read, and everything was really positive.  There are some huge changes coming up here in a few months, all positive, and I got some guidance to where I possibly should look for my 'next' career.  It was very cool.  I'm going back in a few months with my BFF, because she wants to go for her birthday.  So I will take her there for her birthday, and we'll see how her reading goes.  :)
And, in a super duper uncomfortable segue, are you ready for some FOOTBALL???  The fourth quarter is here, and we have to show the world we can put on a fantastic game.  I LOVE that we've put on such an awesome show, and that there is already talk of Indy hosting again.  Whooo doggy!!  Thrilled to pieces, it's definitely a huge thrill. 

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