Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!!

I love Mardi Gras- I hate crowds, but going to Mardi Gras is definitely on my bucket list, I want to see the parades, I want to see the krewes, everything.  I don't want to have to flash the girls, but really, who wants to see an old lady's twins?  'Cuz really,  that's when I'll be out there!! 
Everything else is going along well- we went out to the house yesterday to start cleaning it up.  Got through two rooms before Luke lost interest, and began spilling water all over the living room.  Oops.  Thank heavens it's wood floor!  We've (I've) started picking paint colors, and now I just have to go purchase them.  Still haven't found curtains yet, but haven't started looking really for them either.  I'm sort of just planning on making them, if I can't find anything, so I'm not looking too hard, if that makes sense.  But, I've pretty much decided the entire house will be shades of blue and green, except for Luke's room.  He's still going with a train/dinosaur theme, and we found coordinating paint for both, so that will be awesome. 

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