Friday, September 9, 2011

I hate when I cannot remember what I was going to blog about right when I go to sign in and start typing!  Argh!  Oh well, I'll blog about something else, and then when I do remember, I'll just do another blog post. :)

I've been losing weight, and recently, I've just decided that I want to run a marathon before I'm 40.  It's on my 40x40 list.  Well, by May 2011, I'm not going to be ready to run a full marathon, but I've decided that I am going to walk the Mini in Indianapolis.  My whole goal is just to not have the bus pick me up, so that's under 4 hours, walking 13.1 miles.  I've talked to people who've done it, and they say that it's not bad, but it's a mini marathon, so it's bad.  So I'm signing up here in a few weeks, and we'll start training.  I want to do it, to prove to myself I can.  And I will do it, I want to put that sticker on my truck. :)

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