Friday, September 9, 2011

I am thrilled- I finally found a chip that I absolutely hate!  I love most chips/salsa, they are completely my downfall- so much so that I can't have them in the house at all.  So but anyway.... 

I went to Meijer this morning to pick up milk and sausage so I can make *Lucas breakfast burritos for next week, and saw that Meijer now has baked chips.  Thought, what the heck, I'll try them.  Yeah, never again.  They are NASTY!  They are supposed to be like the Baked Lays, but they aren't.  The Meijer brand is thicker, so it doesn't crunch as much, and you can actually see the salt glazed on them.  They also don't have a good taste to them-there's a chemical aftertaste to them almost.  The only good thing is they're slightly cheaper, but really, it's not that much of a difference, so in the future I'll just splurge when I want to blow points on chips.

And I was so excited to try them.  The Meijer brand is usually awesome- there are some things that  I won't buy name brand anymore- I have completely switched to Meijer.  So this was completely unexpected.  Maybe because it just came out, they haven't gotten all the kinks out yet?  I don't know- but Meijer, if you're reading this, please fix the baked chips!  They're gross as they are right now!! 

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