Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Central Indiana Pickers

Could totally be an A&E show!  I was talking to a friend this morning at work because I was telling him about my Goodwill adventure yesterday.  He has agreed to help teach me what to look for so that I can start picking too.  He's even going to take me to auctions to teach me what to do there.  I would love to get into storage locker auctions as well.  My brothers do that, and I think it would be awesome. 

So in my first foray into picking, I visited two Goodwill stores.  One, I bought a few books, one for myself, and the other two to read with the intention of reselling to Half Price Books or listing on Paperback Swap.  The other one I sort of lucked out, I found a pair of jeans for me to wear (that I thought would fit sometime this winter, and for $6.99 with tags, I really couldn't beat that), and several Aeropostale and Hollister shirts. So tomorrow, I need to take those to resell.

But, in terms of the pants, yeah, I looked at them, went, they look like they'll actually fit me.  And they did.  They're a bit tight, but nothing major, like I can totally wear them.  So there goes that plan of having them when I need them later.  Which kind of stinks, because I really do have enough jeans that fit, while they might be bigger than normal, and I wanted a pair of jeans that I could wear when those were just WAY TOO big.  So now do I return them, and then get something else?  Or just throw them in the pile of stuff to sell tomorrow?  Decisions, decisions....

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