Monday, May 14, 2012

It's been awhile!

*Gasp* I have been neglecting the blog, and for that I apologize!  It's been super busy around here, but thankfully, it's calmed down a bit.  Now we have 2 weeks (from yesterday) until vacation, and all of us are sorely in need of that.  Every morning, Luke wakes up and gives me the countdown.  He's so excited to see the Mouse's House.  I'm ready to just stick my feet in the sand, and relax for a little.  Charlie isn't so sure about it, but I swear he'll have a good time!  :)
I am so excited that it is spring!  And strawberries are in season, finally, and they're almost ready for u-pick.  We go to a local farm, Spencer Farms in Noblesville and we LOVE it there.  Not only are the prices super reasonable, but we get the sweetest, most perfect strawberries ever from there. I've decided, that since I'm off work on Thursday, we are going strawberry picking when I pick Luke up from school.  And then my bestie and I are making strawberry jam this weekend!  Whoo!!
I've been thinking a lot lately, and I'm in a very pensive mood.  I've got a lot on my mind, and I'm really not sure where I'm going with the entire thing.  I don't even know that I could explain it, or put thoughts to paper.  Or even if I WANT to.  I think once I get everything figured out, I'll blog about it, but until then, I think I need to think on it.  Or perhaps drink on it.  (in the immortal words of Blake Shelton.)  I've just been really super quiet lately around here, which is completely out of the ordinary for me.  I don't even want to confide in my bestie.  Which, then you know it's bad!

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