Friday, May 18, 2012

We're going to laugh about this later!

Yesterday, I decided to go strawberry picking, because I am making jam on Saturday.  I love my local berry farm, they are affordable, friendly, and the best part of all?  The strawberries taste like candy!!  I ended up purchasing almost 12 lbs over two picking trips, one by myself, one with Luke after school.  So we did awesome.  And I'm so excited about making jam tomorrow.  I haven't done it in several years, so it'll be interesting to see if I can do better than I did last time!
And in the midst of strawberry picking, I get a phone call from my brother saying that dad's in the hospital!  Dad is the type of guy that could be bleeding profusely, and he'll be like, oh, it's ok, I'll just put a bandaid on it!  But he told my brother to stick around, because he was dizzy and lightheaded.  Thankfully they didn't find anything, and they did an entire battery of tests- including heart/lungs/etc.  I'm just so glad for that- it's my daddy, and I'm totally a daddy's girl. 
That knocked me on my butt in terms of news, and THEN, while I was at Spencer Farms, I sat down and didn't check to make sure the lid was up on the toilet, and I had an accident.  Someday, yes, I will laugh about my day.  I just felt like I was spinning around and just getting hit from all angles.  Like, what else could go wrong? 
Thankfully, vacay is almost here, and I'll be relaxing and traveling.  Which will be awesome.  :)
Unfortunately, I've been lacking on my food.  I've been finding a ton of recipes that I want to try, but I've been having problems with picking Luke up from school and getting dinner.  So hopefully, everything will be better now that school's almost over, and he'll be in a new school next year.  At least I'll be able to cook better meals, and not have to stop, drive to pick him up, and then drive home and finish the meal.  Or have him be hungry, and fight for fast food on the way home. 

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