Monday, April 9, 2012

Less than a month

I finally looked at my calendar for the next 6 weeks or so, culminating in our 'big' vacation.  I have, in no particular order, 3 Junior League meetings to finish up the year in good standing, to kick off my Tastefully Simple Business with at least 2 parties,  the mini marathon, and a 5K for autism for a friend of ours, and can't forget my cancer checkup.  Add in a get together with the family after the mini, and Cinco De Mayo, and we're looking at a crazy 6 weeks.  I also need to do assorted random crap, such as take the modem/cable stuff back to the the store to ship back, and get kids from school daily, and work.  And unpack. Can't forget that!  ARGH!!!  I think I might go crazy here pretty soon!!
We just got back from a vacation, and I'm already ready for another!  I think that once I'm done with everything, I'll be fine, and it's really just getting through the mini, and then I'll be fine.  And I know I shouldn't be playing bingo blitz or zuma or blogging.  I know this.  Yet, what am I doing?  Blogging, playing Bingo, and Zuma.  Yes, I'm a procrastinator.
I take that back.  I know what needs to get done, and I am going to get some done before I go get Luke from school.  I'm taking the modem and whatever back to the UPS store after I pick Luke up, and we're dropping things off at the library that are due today.  So we're good.  And I want to try and get a box or two unpacked, and my Tastefully Simple kick off set up as an event.  So hopefully, I can actually feel like I've accomplished something today.  And, I bought a pair of new walking/running shoes, which are absolutely fantastic, they feel like I'm walking on clouds!  :)

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