Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Everybody Fears Something

I woke up one morning last week, with a feeling of dread. It's normal, especially around this time of year.  Now, and in November.  You see, I have to have check ups every six months to see if my cancer has come back.  And every 6 months, I have a dream (or two) where I think I'm bleeding profusely, and I have to call my oncologist- who tells me my cancer has come back.  Yeah, nothing like waking up freaking out!
But, according to my oncologist, it's normal.  Which I suppose it is.   But it's still a bitch to have to deal with every six months.  And probably for the rest of my life.  Considering I'm only 32 36.  In my head, I'm 32.  :)

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