Tuesday, April 10, 2012

General yuckiness and a redeeming walk

Only a fellow runner would appreciate this, but I am IN LOVE with my new shoes.  I spent a decent sum on some good running shoes yesterday, in preparation for the mini.  I took them out yesterday, did just under 2 miles on them, didn't want to overdo it, since I didn't want to have to rest today.  Today, I went out and did almost 3 miles today, and I'm carrying about an 8 minute mile, which is superfantastic for the mini- I have to carry an 18 minute mile, so allowing for slowing down as I get closer to the finish line.... I *should* be okay.   I can definitely do it, I'm actually really excited about being able to say, I've done the mini!  It's the same way when I got SCUBA certified, I was (and still am!) so thrilled that I conquered my fears and did it.  I was terrified when I did it, I made my brother get certified with me, which was hilarious, they all thought we were dating.  I'm like, do you SEE the resemblance, that's just nasty.  That, and the fact that he was 19ish when we did it, and I was 24.
We  definitely can do what we put our minds to.  I'm determined to get healthier, and I'm determined to succeed. 

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