Thursday, March 29, 2012

An hour I can never get back

I hate oil changes.  I realize they are a necessary evil, but if I make an appointment at 9am, I expect to get out of there at a reasonable time.  Like a half hour or so.  Not an HOUR!  Oh well, we need one, and we're going to Nashville, TN next week, so I want to make sure my car is in decent shape for the trip.  My biggest fear is breaking down on the side of the road, and my cell be dead and I am unable to call for help.  Yes, way too many Criminal Minds episodes, but it's the truth.  I'd much rather go under mileage on an oil change, and 'waste' that money, than break down in the middle of Kentucky.  We are actually pretty excited about getting out of town for a few days.  Luke is on Spring Break next week, so we're leaving Monday, and coming back Wednesday.  Just a short little break, long enough to relax for a little bit.  And get to see an area of the country we haven't seen, or spent a lot of time in.  Driving through on the way to North Carolina doesn't count.  And neither does spending the night in a crappy hotel on the way to Florida, like we're planning on doing in May. 
I know!  How crazy is that, that we get to actually take 2 vacations this year??  We haven't taken one since 2004, and we're taking 2 in a year!!  The last one we went on was to New Orleans, and loved that.  We've been talking about going back there, because we love the city, but circumstances have conspired to send us to Disney instead.  *darn*  So upset.  ;) 

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