Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slowly unpacking

We are finally completely moved from our old home.  I feel like I live in a hoarder house now though, until we get everything unpacked, and arranged where we want everything to go.
I've been cooking a lot since we've moved in, I feel like now that I have more space, I can create more food.  Even though, you really should see my kitchen, it's a pit, and the dining room isn't much better right now.  I did get a few bookcases up for my Junior League cookbooks, which is nice, because now I can put them away from the boxes that they're currently in.  And, in all honesty, I'd like to go through the cookbooks, and maybe photocopy those recipes that I do want, and then sell/get rid of them.  I hate being all 'hoardy' for lack of a better word!
I should be able to get some stuff done today, I'm having a Tastefully Simple party Thursday,, and then joining Friday as a new consultant.  I'm super excited, because it's good stuff, and it's a renewable item, so people will always purchase it!

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