Friday, March 16, 2012

So much to little time!

I had an entire blog post written in my head regarding obesity, and childhood obesity, and how Indiana was one of the fattest states, etc, etc, etc.  And then I realized several things:
1.) My computer is currently still at my old house.  And I'm currently sitting at my new house.  (This was at midnight or so last night. I'm back at my old house right now, because I can't access my facebook games on my phone.  Yes, first world problems.)
2.)When I was driving to the old house from the new house, I saw a tractor man.  And OMG, I love tractor men.  He was easily early 20's and just tooling along on his John Deere.  Yum.  Yeah, I don't know if I was drooling over tractor man, or the John Deere.  Probably both equally! 
3.) I haven't really talked about our new house yet.  Although, I left it this morning, absolutely frustrated, due to our bed's box spring not able to actually fit up the stairs.  Yes, Charlie and I can get it up 5 stairs, out of about 20, and then the ceiling of the bottom set of stairs just gets it stuck.  As soon as we can get it up those few stairs at the bottom, it opens up, and THEORETICALLY, it will fit.  We just have to get it up there.  Ugh. 
4.) I just booked a trip to Disney at the end of May!  Whoot!  It will be Luke's and Charlie's first times there, so I'm super pumped.  I haven't been there in FOR-EVER, like 1994 forever.  We are staying on site, and we're also planning a few days off site, so we don't have Disney overload.  And, I want to see the Gulf of Mexico, and hit some shopping.  And of course, it kicks off my 'Operation lose 25 pounds before Disney in May' 
So yes, this is all that's been happening in my life up to this point.  I'll definitely be blogging about each of them as it gets closer, and finished, and whatever.  But, for now, I must get to the post office, and then pick up Luke from school, as he is now officially a car rider.  You know, since he blabbed it to his entire class that he was moving yesterday!  :)

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