Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We've got the tree up after a lovely Thanksgiving weekend dustup, I purchased supplies for making candy/cookies, and I've started purchasing Christmas presents for my family.  Dave's family can suck it.   LOL!!  No, it's his turn to buy presents for his family.  I told him that last year, and I've stuck by it. 

My parents are done, my one brother is done, I haven't figured out what to get the other brother.  He's so hard to buy for, which irritates me.  My middle brother got a gag gift from me, he loves Hannukah, even though he's not Jewish.  So I found a Menorah ornament for him.  Which, hello, a Menorah on a Christmas tree?  Wha?  And I'm honestly not trying to be offensive in any way shape or form.  I just know that he will enjoy it.  So I bought it. 

Luke is almost finished, I'm hitting the Scholastic book sale tomorrow, to see what I can get there, and then I'm done with him.  He's got a book, a game, pajamas, and well, he doesn't have a need, but that's fine.  He can go without his need.  Although, I might have to pick him up some underwear.  ;)  But, if I don't, it's not a huge deal. 

Whoo hoo to Target!  When I went shopping this morning, I forgot my $10 gift card coupon.  So they are giving me the gift card!  All I have to do is bring in the receipt and the coupon.

I feel so disjointed in this blog post.  I've got the beginnings of a migraine, so that might be why.  I'm just so damn tired because of work, and what seems like my entire life is just stressing me out. 

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