Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cookbooks, oh how I love thee!

Several years ago, I started becoming very interested in local cookbooks, which led me to Junior League cookbooks from various cities around the nation.  I love them because they are 'home grown', meaning members 'donate' recipes, they are triple tested, and then accepted into the cookbook.  So you've definitely got the best of the best from each area. 

Last night, I signed into Association of Junior Leagues, International's website.  Honestly, I was just looking around to see what kind of stuff they had, bags, sweatshirts, whatever.  BUT!  I found the cookbook section.  Oh Yes, they had cookbooks from all over the nation, direct from their respective Junior Leagues!  Momma is one happy camper.  :)  I know what I'm asking for for Christmas/my birthday.  And when I want to treat myself to a cookbook, I don't have to scour Half Price Books or Paper Back Swap to just wait for a copy to become available.  I am so excited!!  It totally just made my day!

Beyond all that, I am getting my butt kicked from work.  I am currently on day 14, and will be working 21 straight days without a day off.  At least the paycheck will be really sweet.  And just in time for Christmas shopping!  Yay!

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