Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Housing Woes

I know, definitely first world problems.  However, when you live in an 800 square foot cracker box, you start yearning for just a bit of space to call your own. 
The lease on where we are renting right now is up in just a few months.  So of course, I'm stressing out about finding another place to lease.  It's the perfect time to move, because Luke is in kindy, so it's acceptable, and not too stressful to move before first grade.  But, that leads us to all sorts of other district vs. school district, public vs. Catholic, that school vs. this school.... do we stay at our home school, or do we not worry about that, and just move where we find the best deal? 
We've pretty much decided to move to another community, or at the very least, not stay in our home school.  The principal of Luke's current school made some crappy comments regarding my son, and I found out about it.  And the PTO/parents are way too 'holier than thou', which makes me want to vomit.  Really.  It just really irritates me, and know that I'm doing my best to raise my child, and that no one can tell me differently.  And, I don't take kindly to others telling me that I'm doing something wrong or whatever. 

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