Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's HOT outside!

So it's been 90+ degrees almost for the past 2 weeks.  It's enough to make me just stay inside and play trains with my son.  He wants to go shopping for trains, or he wants to go to the Children's Museum again.  We try and settle for McDonald's Playplace.  He meets lots of kids his own age, and I sit and read/do my weekly menu, depending on what the day is.  Today, we're planning on going out there, as soon as he wakes up.  I'll be doing my menu, and probably reading/making lists for his family birthday party next week. 

My husband is a nut about this party though.  Our son loves dinos, so I ordered a stegosaurus cakepan from Amazon.  Great, right?  Sure, except when I get it, it's crazy difficult.  So I'm going to try and decorate it, so that I can 'win' the competition that isn't even occuring between my husband's brother's wife, and his cousin and me.  Well, according to him it is, he wants his son's cake to be cooler than all the others.  And I've seen pictures, so I've got a tall order. 

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