Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

(Image Courtesy Google Images)

My little guy is now 6!  OMG!  Where did the time go?

My parents came down to visit, and go to the museum, and then my brother drove down to surprise us for cake and dinner!  I was in heaven!  I miss my brother, he's been working all summer with the Cavaliers cooking for them, and he hardly ever stops at home anymore.  He'll be finished in August, but still.... I think I've seen him 2x this whole summer, and I'm at my parents house weekly. 

I think with the Cavaliers, I'm going to try and attend DCI national championships, since they take place at Lucas Oil Stadium.  I remember going last year, and it was AWESOME!  I love that we can attend these really cool events, and have our baby be exposed to so much more than he would be otherwise. 

So we ended up going to the Children's Museum yesterday, and we spent hours playing.  Digging for dinosaurs, collecting rocks from a Egyptian Tunnel (thank you National Geographic!),  visiting Egypt, and seeing all the old-fashioned trains. 

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