Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kids hair cuts are overpriced.

I channeled Vince today.  Vince was my grandpa on my mom's side.  He died when I was 19 or 20, but when my brothers and I were younger, he would give my brothers a haircut,  because we were poor.  But, he wasn't very good at haircuts, and they always ended up looking like a bowl cut with one side of the bangs at the eyebrows, and the other thisclose to the hairline.  Both my brothers hated it, and it probably contributes to their refusal to get a cheap haircut to this day.  Every so often, we'll joke about it, and they'll threaten Luke with it. 

Today, however, I finally was able to give Luke a hair cut that wasn't overpriced.  It was not from Cookie Cutters.  Which, come to find out the only reason he likes the place is because they can watch tv while getting the haircut.  I then promised he could watch Goonies while I cut his hair, and well, Mom's cutting his hair this afternoon!  Whoot!  He wanted it short, and then longer on top so he could spike it.  I think it turned out quite well. He can spike it, it's super short for summer, and it's BLONDE!  All the hair I cut off was brown.  Weird.  But, he was happy, because he got to watch the Goonies.  And then he got a bath because he hates the feel of hair on his back.  (I don't blame him, it's yucky feeling!) So I am all excited because we can save money now by cutting his hair when it gets too long.  And he won't fight it like he's been doing.

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  1. More power to you!! There is no way I could cut my kids' hair without them looking ridiculous. I've gone back to attempting to groom my poodle. When she was young, I got clippers and groomed her myself because I couldn't afford a groomer. Now she's old and our groomer can't handle her anymore because she nips when being groomed - a very new behavior for my poor old dog. So we attempt to do it ourselves.

    Thankfully, Sassy never has to go out in public.