Saturday, June 1, 2013


Nope, not the challenges that make you wonder about your life, and how did you go so wrong.  I'm talking about those ab challenges, or squat challenges that are sprouting up all over the interwebs thanks to Pinterest.  I've avoided them for a few months, but two of my friends started one today, and well, I got sucked in to trying them. 
So, from one friend, I had to do the following: 30 Jumping Jacks, 20 second wall sit, 50 squats, 25 Russian Twists, 5 chair dips, and 5 Burpees. 
And from the other, 5 standard crunches, 5 reverse crunches, 5 plank twists, and 5 bicycle twists. 
Combine them all together, and you have 15 minutes of hell.  Just sayin'.  But,  I took measurements this evening, and I am going to measure every Saturday, to track my progress.  I WANT this to jump start my weight loss again, I've been fighting getting back on track. 

1 comment:

  1. Yay! It WILL be a good jump start. PS don't you hate having to look up all the stinking exercises first? Add another 15 minutes of hell for that!