Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She called me because she knew I'd understand.  Shitty, but true.  Not shitty that she called, shitty why she called.  My BFF from high school was diagnosed with Leukemia last weekend, on my Birthday.  And this isn't all about me, at all.  This girl used to live behind me, we'd meet at the end of the street and hang out.  During high school we'd hang at Walmart on Friday and Saturday nights.  We went to Florida together our Senior year of high school.  She brought bean-o along because the boys were farters.  And she's going to beat this, I know.  It just knocked me on my ass, because I have NEVER been told someone close to me has the big C.  My cousin, but we aren't really that close.  A friend's wife from college, but I only know the husband.  Another friend from high school, but we weren't super close.  Yes, folks, this makes #4 (that I KNOW of) from my high school that has been diagnosed with cancer.  And we're only 19 years out of high school.  We're NOT OLD!  One was diagnosed 15 years ago, 2 of us were diagnosed 5 years ago, and then just now.  I'm really really bothered by this.  It's not fair. So of course I'm giving her all these resources, and I'm going to send her a box of hats and scarves since she's going to be losing her hair.

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