Monday, July 23, 2012


And why did it take us 10 years to figure out we would be happier if we stayed at a hotel when we went to visit family? We are visiting Charlie's family this weekend because his grandfather passed away. Mom and dad have rescinded Charlie's welcome at their house, and I refuse to stay at his parents house. So we sucked it up and rented a room. Omg- so much better. I asked Charlie this morning why it took us so long to do this. Never again will we stay at a home when we come back to visit family.
I just don't understand the entire problem. My parents never really liked my husband but he's my choice. And now my mom is openly bashing him to me. Which, really? Yes, we have out issues, but you're just being a bitch. She blames him for everything- never once thinks it could be me. The other day I declined a call from her. She immediately called back and was like: why did he decline my call?
Seriously mom? Wtf.
It was totally me, I'm avoiding her calls. She got pissed at me for not telling her grandpa Ed died before she found out in the newspaper. Um, you don't tell me things, why should I tell you?

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