Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living life in absolutes

Is that even possible?  My brother in laws, and my father in law and I were having a discussion about this over Easter.  I see so many shades of grey, and options, and reasons, that I can see both sides to most issues.  My brother in law stated that he sees everything in black and white- no grey.  He doesn't believe in most things I believe in, that's fine, but he won't even see where I'm coming from, or admit that there might be a different viewpoint.  I just don't understand- in his mind, it's either right or wrong, black or white.  The death penalty- no extenuating circumstances.  Abortion- no extenuating circumstances. 

I can't live like that.  I cannot.  I feel that's an immature way of looking at the world, because there are so many things that could turn out differently, and change minds.  And what you thought was your absolute way of looking at the world turns out to be, while not completely wrong, definitely not what you thought it was.

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