Monday, April 25, 2011


I freaking HATE CVS!!  They suck!  I had to fill a prescription, and it's an automatic refill, so I normally get a call, then I know I need to get over there and pick it up.  Didn't get one this month, and my supply runs out tomorrow.  So no biggie, I call, it's ready.  I'm running to the library anyway to return books, so I'll just swing by and pick it up.  I get there, it's ready, but my insurance is jacked for some reason.  So I'm told to 'circle' and they'll get my information from insurance.  I was also given the option of coming in and sitting, as it would only take a few minutes.  I chose not to go in or circle, and I told the pharm tech that I would be going, and coming back later.  Forty minutes later, I get a phone call, oh, we got your information all settled, etc.  In what universe is 40 minutes a few minutes later?  So then, as I'm talking to whomever called me back, I calmly told her that I would be switching pharmacies, as this was not the first time I've had crap-tastic service from CVS.  She couldn't understand why I was switching- Really? what part of craptastic service are you having a hard time comprehending?  And, I am currently waiting on a call back, as I requested, as I have to make a special trip out there either today or tomorrow, for a free prescription.  It's been almost 15 minutes so far, so we'll see how long it takes before they call back.

ETA: They actually did call back, and comped me my medicine.  I'm still not thrilled with them, however, and still have every intention of switching. 

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