Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep it classy, ladies, keep it classy

  I never really thought I was that much of a prude, I mean, I can hold my own with the dirty talk, and not much embarrasses me. Truly. However, I was reading a thread in a mom group I belong to, and well, one of the threads made my ears blush. It started out innocently asking why Christians are bashed and called racist but every other non Christian religion can say the same things and its acceptable. It devolved from there into the one outspoken beyotch talking about boobs. And it really didn't make my ears burn, except that she's a MOM. She has a 7 year old. That 7 year old knows his mom likes boobs. Seriously. And that bothers me. A. Lot. There are just some things that shouldn't be known in such detail at such a young age.  I'm not a prude, but really..... And this mom has had CPS called on her because her child has threatened suicide. It's just a cluster.... I feel badly for the child, but mom kind of brings it on herself.

The farmers markets have been going decently. Next week, I am not doing cinnamon raisin bread. The last two weeks it did not go at all. So even though its super easy, I don't want to waste anything else for it. I did make French Bread, and I'd like to try something else this week, but still not sure. Perhaps I'll try the blueberry bread, two loaves, and 4 loaves of French. Maybe even 6 loaves, I can always freeze what doesn't sell. I'm also thinking of granola, or a snack mix. I have a few days to come up with something. I'm just trying to be inexpensive. But still make money. 

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