Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning!!

Charlie had to work this weekend, so I was home all day Saturday with Luke by ourselves.  He very happily played on the computer all morning while I changed sheets, did laundry, took the garbage out, etc, etc.  I could not believe how much laundry accumulated around the house.  Oh my word!!  At one point, I was kicking sheets down the stairs, and just had a huge pile of sheets, and towels, and clothes, and blankets in the corner between the stairs and the kitchen.  Luke was just laughing at me, because every time I'd go downstairs, I'd take a huge basket downstairs, and then bring a full basket back upstairs of clean clothes.  He's like, Mommy, that's crazy!  I asked if he wanted to help-alas, he did not!
Apparently, google has been in my basement- this is seriously 1 of 3 baskets that I had to clean this weekend.  

But, all this cleaning has made me realize a few things- we've been in this house a year, and we yet to finish doing some things to make it more homey- our dining room and our living room are painted, and have curtains put up.  Our kitchen is painted, no curtains, hallway- curtains, no paint, bedrooms- paint, no curtains/some blinds.  Bathrooms- painted, no curtains.  And, I've got the material- I've planned on making all the curtains myself.  But I've just been sitting on it for a while.  Hopefully now that I'm stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I can get more stuff cleaned, painted, and finished up.  I also want to order some bubbles from Dali Decals to put up in our bedroom, and maybe in the kitchen.  Not sure about that. 

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