Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The yard sale was a huge bust, no one showed up.  So I spent 45 minutes lugging everything out, to sit for 6 hours to lug everything back inside.  Argh!  Such a pain in my ass!  I swear, I'm never doing one again, I'm going to rely on ebay, facebook, and craigslist to rid my house of my crap from here on out!  I posted several books on Paperback Swap, and luckily only 1 isn't on hold for someone.  So that means that 5 books will be mailed out.  So then I can browse for other books that I want to read or actually keep without spending a ton of money on them!  Which, Charlie hates, but oh well!  ;)  
Dinner is simmering in the crock, I'm trying REALLY hard to like my crock- I think it's a texture thing.  It's Santa Fe Chicken, so we shall see.  The boys also have Scouts tonight, so I have to have dinner ready within the next half hour.  :)

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