Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've already decided I don't want to see my parents this weekend.

I'm supposed to take Luke up north to see my parents for the day, but they want me to take him up there for overnight, and I'm like, oh hell no!  I don't even want to go for the day, but I feel like I have to, since it's been since July since they've seen each other.  I've straight up told my parents I don't care if I never talk to them again, but mom is being all nice and sweet, except when she makes her little digs at me.  Whatever.  I'm only going for the day, since I have crap to do on Sunday.  I'm so not dealing with their drama.
I was reminded yet again this morning why I take what's said on internet boards with a grain of salt.  And actually kind of look at them for my amusement.  This mom posted about how there are these out of control kids at the bus stop.  I was like, well, they're not my kids, so I would do nothing.  Not my responsibility.  That kind of blew up to people saying they're getting bullied, it's the bus driver's responsibility to take care of  something that happened before they got there, and being called a witch.  I'm sitting here laughing, because everyone's getting all up in arms about it.  And I'm completely in the minority, because my child is never left unattended at the bus stop.  LOL!!  It just completely cracks me up, so I probably should go back and stir the pot a little.  :)

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