Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was at work this morning, and my boss comes up to me to assume that I can stay late.  I really hate when they do that, I do have a life out side my job!

   I'm on a house cleaning kick lately.  I threw out two bags of garbage today, and that was only in the few hours that I was home alone before the bus arrived!  I can't wait until tomorrow, when I'm home all day by myself, not working tomorrow morning, and can actually clean for several hours.  Yay!  :)  So excited!  But, I have to go grocery shopping too.  Which will be fine.  :)

  My whole budget is $75 for the week.   Every week.  Sometimes it's less. But, I very rarely go over $65 in terms of spending.  I'm lucky in that I know prices, and am not brand loyal at all, except for Tide.  I cannot see spending almost $2 on a can of beans that I can get for less than a dollar in another brand, or cheaper than that when I purchase a bag of dried beans. 

All of my meals are made from scratch, and I try new recipes as well.  And, before you say, why, Frugal Girl, you must love your beans!, I say to you, I hate beans.  I eat them when necessary, and that's all.  :)  I serve meat at 4 out of 7 meals a week.  Portion control is so important, and so many people overlook it. 

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